True tea appreciation begins with a thirst for learning. At Teawala Academy, we've traveled to and studied the origins of tea and are excited about sharing our wisdom with you.

Hi, I’m Mona - Founder of Teawala

After traveling to 10 different tea farms in Asia, I launched Teawala: A farm-to-cup platform linking tea enthusiasts with farm-direct teas. While hosting tastings, however, I would receive many questions: What are the differences in tea types? What makes a good quality tea? How do I brew tea? I quickly realized that there's so much to learn before you can truly appreciate tea. That's why I've decided to launch this online course. I'm here to answer your tea questions and kick-start your personal journey through tea!

"Tea tasting with Mona was a rare and special experience! She has traveled extensively to understand and discover things about tea that you never would have been able to discover otherwise."

- Niamh, Hong Kong, July 2019